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Ray Adams*

*Official Wizard

Who is Ray Adams?

"Comedian, Magician,Actor, Maker, Hypnotist, Polymath... the list is extensive– we've just labeled him as a Wizard..."

"He is the kind of performer where you aren’t sure exactly where it’s going to end up, but you love the fun ride. He’s hilarious and his magic speaks for itself. I will definitely go see him again!"

The world of the Wizard

Ray doesn't suffer from insanity, he seems to enjoy every moment of it...

Meet the crew

Ray has a cast of characters in a world all his own...

the Many Faces of Ray
the Technical Side
Mr. Ray (the Maker)

Along with his skills as a performer, Ray also designs and builds props, not only for himself...

Ray Directing.JPG
Director Ray

Along with decades of magical background, Ray has a B.A. in theatrical performance, design, and direction

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